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Enjoy Sokoban? Enjoy solving Sokoban puzzles?
This might be a place for you. You will occasionally, hopefully often, find a new level or two here.
And you will find other stuff about Sokoban added if the author finds it worthwhile and finds the time.


Not much happening here at Sokoban.dk the last half year or so. While that didn’t happen YASC had it’s 20th birthday.
Congratulations Brian Damgaard.
As a gift for Brian I made a brand new Sokoban level:

Title: YASC 20 Years (Circular Challenge level ?)
Author: DrFogh
Comment: A tribute to Brian Damgård and YASC at the 20th birthday (YASCs birthday:)
Date: 2021-12-04
Skin: Games4Brains

I have some christmas challenges for you:

1. Solve the level. You are welcome to use a solver. Give it a hundred hours or so. If any solver succeeds I will send you a box of Tuborg Julebryg for free. If not you can enjoy the advertisment for said beer below.

2. Without corrupting the layout of the boxes and without changing the size (38*17) can you make a better level? That means more boxes needed to be moved (Now it is 65 with my best solution. Might be lower) and/or a longer solution.. Change everything you want within the given conditions. If you use my level as a template I guess much could be done around C, F and 0. If you grab the challenge then send me both the new layout and solution.

3. How few boxes do you need to move and still solve the level?. This competition can be extended to any variants I publish from the second challenge. Solution needed to compete.

4./5. You can always compete for the fewest moves and fewest pushes if you care. You are welcome to provide me with solutions. But I gusss I will publish the level at letslogic.com in a not very far future.

Hope and peace. Green. Isn’t it ?

Title: Circular Challenge – Peace
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Yes. You are right. You need not move everything to solve the level.
Date: 2021-05-30

This time you get a brand new level. Please use an autosolver 🙂 Give Sokolution and/or Festival a few hours. And then try to find a solution yourself.

Is the level solvable with an extra wall at R8?
Actually I guess it is but i haven’t wholeheartedly tried (The sun is shining in Denmark).
You will find the modified level in the level file.
Give it a try if it is raining or snowning in your country and you have some time to spend.
If you make it send me a solution( bjertrup58@gmail.com). Or just tell me it is solvable and I will give it another try.

Not much activity here for the last month or so. Actually I only made two new levels the last half year…
So you will have to be content with som old stuff. Kind of a tribute to Diceman who made some hundred nice levels on Sokobanonline. And then disappeared…
Hopefully he will be back soon. And while we wait you can put your mitts on these levels:
Left Level:
Title: Circular Challenge – Alice
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Idea from Diceman (If you can say a straght line of boxes is
an idea from anywhere)
Date: 2020-05-16

Right Level:
Title: Circular Challenge – Remodel
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Same box layout as Alice in Wonderland 50 by Diceman.
Does that make the level a remodel?
And if I tell you the box layout is found widely as a part of a level
but only stand alone as in Dicemans level and in mine?
Date: 2020-05-24

The Level File

The Skin: Boxworld Red by Jeng Jong Liang and Tyge Fogh

Time for the Easter bunny to roam your garden and put some eggs in the baskets.

Title: Easter 2021
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Yes. At least 2 boxes need not be moved.
Date: 2021-04-04
Skin: Easter by Brian Damgaard

QuotePilgrim made a really good looking high resolution version of the classic skin Go. Appropriately named Goban (=Go Board) You will find two versions at QuotePilgrims Googledrive

Title: Circular Challenge 38 – @
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Only Festival managed to solve this level.
Date: 2020-06-28
Skin: Goban Seamless by QuotePilgrim

An unofficial(Nothing is official in Sokoban except for what comes from Sokoban.jp) codex for the format of  Sokoban level is enclosed in every Sokoban level file created from YASC. The by far most frequently downloaded Sokoban player in the world. Find the codex here as a textfile for reference


Title: Circular Challenge 31 – Replug
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Just push the cork into the bottle and back again
Date: 2020-05-01
Skin: Circles HD by QuotePilgrim. Original by Ariel Rodrigues


QuotePilgrim made a bunch of nice high resolution skins. Among others you will find a reworked verision of one of my favorites, Circles by Ariel Rodrigues.

You find the skins at QuotePilgrims Google drive


QuotePilgrim askede me to put the skins on Sokoban.dk. I will be very pleased to do that but it will wait a bit until I have time for an overhaul of the skin part of the site.

Mostly for the nerds 🙂
Anian pointed out my test results for “Just for Fun” couldn’t possibly be correct.
Actually I tested the level with the Sokoban at E5 and later decided the level looked nicer with the Sokoaban at E6.
And changed the solutions manually but not the “count”.
Retesting I came to these results:

		Solution	Moves		Pushes
Festival	414/78		261/78		287/72
Sokolution	892/160		289/78		289/78
YASS		536/104		261/78		287/72
JSoko		1612/248	261/78		287/72
Takaken		533/98		261/78		287/72

Given some extra time and a wider vicinity search, YASO eventually was able to reduce the solution reached by Sokolution to 261/78 and 287/72 as well.

  • Comparing the solvers with no obvious proof of anything I notice
    • Sokolution and Festival are very close to each other at solving capacity but probably Festival is a tiny bit better.
    • If both Sokolution and Festival finds a solution, Sokolution usually is much the fastest.
    • YASS and JSoko comes out second to Sokolution and Festival. And are quite equal with YASS on the top most of the time. YASS is usually faster than JSoko.
    • Takaken is unclassified compared to the rest of the bunch. Usually it finds a solution fast or gives up fast.
    • I still find levels only one solver is able to solve.
    • YASS is best at finding a level unsolvable. Sokolution and Festival often just reach “Time out”

I only know two optimizers. YASO and the optimizer in JSoko. YASO consistently find better optimizations than JSoko.

Somebody published Carlos Montiers level from the Wikipedia article on Sokoban at SokobanOnline. Instead of  just deleting it, the level was marked as “Just for fun” because you can watch the solution on the Internet. A mark normaly reserved for levels that has no challenge at all for even the weakest human Sokoban solver.
Then thousands of levels should be marked as “Just for fun” since you find thousands of solutions on the internet. And many of them animated on Youtube, eg. all the levels from the Original Collection by Thinking Rabbit.
And how about autosolvable levels? No fun either. Mark them as “Just for fun”.
I decided to make my own “Just for fun” level.
(Give it a try before you use the autosolver)
justforfunTitle: Circular Challenge 42 – Just For Fun
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-11-29
Skin: Go+

Below results for differet solvers. Solutions optimized by the YASC optimizer YASO.

		Solution	Moves		Pushes
Festival	501/96		261/77		287/71
Sokolution	891/160		287/71		287/71
YASS		537/103		261/77		279/73
JSoko		1661/242	261/77		287/71
Takaken		533/98		261/77		287/71

Can you beat the optimizer?


Happy Newyear 2021

Newyear2021The end of 2020. Year of the rat.


Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk

christmas2020Title: Christmas 2020
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-06-24
Skin: Aymeric du Peloux

Warning: if you use a skin not with the same background color as floor color the level will not look as good.

By the way, did you notice Aymeric du Peloux finished his collection Myriocosmos? After 12 years abscense from the Sokoban scene!
You will find the levels here. No? Just sign up and you will get them.

biden Title: Transition of Power
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-11-28
Skin: YSokoban Decorated C by George Petrov


endlessexpandable Title: Circular Challenge – Endless Expandable
Author: DrFogh
Comment: You can make this level as wide as you want. I stopped at 7 collumns. And again I didn’t want to spoil the symmetry but you can stone B7-C7-D7 or N7-O7-P7
Date: 2020-04-27
Skin: Chess 3 by Andrej Cerjak

Looking for perfection? You will not find it with this level. And I published a second version with even more dead boxes than the first. I think this is not the case with the third version but I am never sure.

Give it a try. I allready found 2 dead boxes (not counting the 4 upper right). Can you find more?


Title: LGTBQ+
Author: DrFogh
Comment: No need to move G11 or H8.
Date: 2020-10-18
Skin: Sokoban 1994 by Radcliff

Dead boxes in the 3 versions of Circular Challenge 40. Last (and best) version right


My aim with my bigger circular levels is usually to have a graphically recognizable design and make a level around that with as few dead boxes as possible.
To obtain this I try to make the first 10-20 moves “obligatory” but in the proces often find there is other ways to open the level and reconstruct it by blocking these.
Obviously I didn’t succeed with my first version of LGBT+ since Anian discovered that and found a solution with no need to move 5 boxes (4 upper right not counted) and 3 unneeded floors.

I think this version is better:

Title: LGTBQ
Author: DrFogh
Comment: No need to move G11
Date: 2020-10-05
Skin: Sokoban 1994 by Radcliff

Did you solve last weeks challenge? Here is the solution.

For some time Rikitin is seen as the big crook at the Sokoban scene.
Let’s not forget Rikitin made thousands of original levels. Many of these  remodelled by other authors.
To support this statement I ran a test on Rikitins Atlas levels (around 1000 levels) and found 3 levels found in some other collections on my harddrive. Just for the record I think I got practically every existing levels including all levels by Razorflame, all levels found at Sokobanonline.com, all levels found at Game-Sokoban.com and all Miks levels (Yes, I bought these).
I found 3 copies.
One in a collection with 217 levels by an other author. In the other authors collection i found 7 levels also found in other collections.
One in the MF8 collection. Yes, Rikitin made a level for the MF8 competition.
One in Jordi Domenechs Sokodrawings, a compilation of interesting designs by different authors.

I tampered a little with a level by an unknown author:


Title: Remodel
Author: Unknown Author and DrFogh 🙂
Comment: Use Sokofind to find the original level
Date: 2020-09-15
Skin: Beeman. Remodel by DrFogh 🙂


LGTB+ Title: Circular Challenge 40 – LGTB
Author: DrFogh
Comment: No need to move D8 in my best solution. There might be more.
Date: 2020-08-30
Skin: Sokoban 1994 by Radcliff


Missing sex in Sokoban? Then you will enjoy these disturbingly politically incorrect levels 🙂


Collection: He and She
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-09-12
Skin: Balls by Hans-Dietrich Pester of course


Not many updates recently. Actually a few things happening worth mentioning but lacking the time you will only get a new level. Oh no. Two new levels. Using a solver is plain cheating. No solver has any problems solving levels as small as these.

DoubleUpCollection: DoubleUp
Author: DrFogh
Skin: Blue Granite by Merlinj W


cross Today you get three variants of a Circular cross.
Skin: Balls by Hans-Dietrich Pester


Time for some reduction talk.marx


clubreducedDidn’t really get Club right, did I?
Due to an unplugged glitch you can reduce Club to the level at the left.
Don’t look for it in the new levelfile and you will not find it in any future releases from me.

I know the new Club have some weaknesses (At least 3 boxes not needed to move) but it is surely better than the first version.

clubfixedTitle: Circular Challenge 15 – Club
Author: DrFogh
Comment: First version 2019-09-18. A catastrophy with no need to move more than 10 boxes.
Date: 2020-07-06
Skin: Heavy Metal 1 by Gerry Wiseman


Did the reviewers go crazy back in 1988?



MikeDaasAvatarDid you ever have a look at Mike Daas’ Sokoban: The RPG or his levels at sokobanonline.com ?

You got Diamond, Heart and Spade. Did you miss Club?
At last here it is. Been a little reluctant to publish it since i had my hands full building a better Mercedes. And maybee i will want to build a better Club. Do not have time to do both at the same time.

clubsTitle: Circular Challenge 15 – Club
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-09-18
Skin: Francois Marques 2

I will give you a few challenges:
Challenge 1: My best moves solution is 376 moves, 120 pushes with no need to move J4, H7 and I8. Can you do it better?
Challenge 2: My best pushes solution is 466 moves, 114 pushes with no need to move J4, H7, I8 and H10. Can you do it better?
Challenge 3: Can you find solutions with other combinations of dead boxes and maybe with more than 4 dead boxes. Fewer only count if the dead boxes are in positions not included in solutions with more dead boxes.
Challenge 4: Does the level have a solution with an added wall at K17?

Once in a while I get a little tired constructing small convoluted levels solved from the beginning. And it is guaranteed you will need to move all boxes however much you try to avoid it.ball

Title: The Ball
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Design started february 2018.
Date: 2019-07-04
Skin: Yoshi Classic+

No update for Mercedes.


bulldozer Title: Circular Challenge 18
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Time for a small and comparatively easy level.
Skin: Bulldozer by Expert Software

Bulldozer was the skin for Expert Softwares Sokoban player. Made before Gerry Wiseman made his Night Shift skins.

And the last update for Mercedes.

It is spring in Denmark so while you enjoy my last Mercedes I will take a ride in my Kia Ceed Stationcar. (Better value for the money than Mercedes. Well… Less bragging value)

KiaThis is not perfect since you will find at least 8 dead boxes but I don’t care. It is spring.

2020-05-22: Added a few words to “How to Build A Mercedes”

2020-05-17 – My oldest unpublished level

CantGetThemAll Title: Can’t Get Them All
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Inspired by a scrapped version of IAG-Big Theta.
Date: 2018-04-07
Skin: XSokoban

2020-05-05 – Fake News

Do you know how I work with YASC? Of course you don’t. I will give you a little insigth.

  1. I open the editor with a level from somewhere. E.g from the collection Sokomaxx by Mic.
  2. I edit the level and save it. And don’t bother to change the name of the level.
  3. I think the level looks better rotated. And rotate the level and now give the level a new name. Done.
  4. And check if the level already exist. Yes it does. Somewhere on my harddisk I find a similar level named Sokomaxx 4×2. The only difference from my new level is a 90 degree clockwise rotation.  My brandnew level was published 22 years ago!

But I didn’t realise the location of the “original” was in my folder for new constructions: Sokoban/YASC/Levels/Workshop

And this is why a factchecker (Anian) found news at Sokoban.dk that is not true. The level is totally unique.

So with a little delay I can present Circular Challenge 30 – Fake News:


Title: Circular Challenge 30 – Fake News
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Made this nice level. Checked for duplicates and thought Mic made
it 22 years ago but this was only fake news. The level is totally unique.
Date: 2020-04-19

(If this fake news have any influence on the upcoming presidential election in USA it is totally unintended)

Sitting in my favorite Sokoban Gaming Armchair I decided to make a fantastic circular level with two lines of four boxes.
After some trials and errors, a beer or two and an hour or two I came up with this nice little level:
As always I checked if somebody had made the same level before. And to my great surprise (It just happened once before) I discovered Mic made this level more than twenty years ago. You will find the level in Mics collection Sokomaxx from 1998. The collection is not free but you can buy Mics levels from the site Games4Brains.de. Highly recommended.
I stuck to the concept with 2 lines of four boxes and ended up with the level below. (Just spiced it up with a little longer boxlines. )
ACopy-NoTitle: Circular Challenge 28 – Not A Mic Copy
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Made a nice circular level with 2 lines with 4 boxes. Discovered Mic made the same level 22 years ago. Then made this instead.
And yes. You can spoil the symmetry by stoning B15 or F15 but not both
Date: 2020-04-21
Skin: Games4Brains

NB: You can easily make your own version of this level. Just add as many boxes to the lines as you want. And remember to quote me as coauthor 🙂
How long lines can the solvers handle?
Sokolution managed lines with 10 boxes while YASS managed a whopping 15 before it gave in.
Funny thing is if I make the first push (Takaken doesn’t support circular levels.  I thought. Actually this is not true. You can switch this property on and off in Takaken. Thanks for that information from Matthias Meger) Takaken solved lines with 10 boxes.  Sokolution thought it was easier given the first push and managed the same length as Yass: 15.

Yes. I got mail from China.
And yes. This is the final version

Title: – Circular Challenge 26B – Double Broken Egg
Author: DrFogh+Anian
Comment: I didn’t realise a box at J12 need not be moved at all. Credit to Anian for finding that.
Date: 2020-04-18

Isn’t it amazing how easy Sokoban solving is? Just solve 26B and you allready solved 26A.

After 5 years of silence Přemysl Zíkas undusted his harddrive and published the collection “25 études romantiques oubliées” at  his homepage

Triple ClefTitle: (12) Treble clef
Author: Přemysl Zíka

Don’t forget to read (and hear) the presentation of the collection at Jordi Domènechs blog

Toiling away with a level for hours and days and within a day or two after publishing I usually receive a mail from China: “The level can be solved without moving X boxes”.
I love the challenge!
In Easter 2020 different solutions lead to different numbers of dead boxes and the maximum dead boxes were “only” 5.
I think I found a cure for that (I’m a doctor after all). Very close to a perfect cure but I still had issues with J6. But no problem. Change it into a wall and rename the level with a new snazzy title 🙂
The level is easy as the first 23 pushes are practically obligatory and not hard to find. The problems arise after that and I think you will have a harder time finding the rest of the solution than in CC25.
I did a lot of eksperimenting changing J12 into a wall (And J6 back into a box on goal) but I don’t think that is possible.Broken Egg

Title:  Circular Challenge 26A – Broken egg
Author: DrFogh
Comment: A revised and stronger version of CC25.  Managed to reduce the dead boxes to one. Let’s make it a wall! No dead boxes 🙂
Date: 2020-04-09
Skin: Beeman

And now I’m waiting for a mail from China…


Happy Easter


Title: Circular Challenge 25 -Easter2020
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-04-09
Skin: Easter by Brian Damgaard

If you want to play new levels a good site is Sokobanonline.com.
The presentation of the levels is nice and if you are an author you get your level on the frontpage until somebody else have made new levels.
Only drawback is there is no easy way to download levels to play them in your favorite Sokoban Player.


Most of the time a handful of authors produce levels of good quality.
One of these authors is Kjs722 who made a beautiful circular level named Cosmos 27-104. The level above with the SokobanOnline skin.
I would have loved to make that level for my forthcoming Circular Challenge collection. (Sorry, no planned publishing date. Probably 2020 or 2021.)
But I could still experiment with reduction and expansion of Kjs722’s design and ended up with the above suite.
Kjs722’s title refers to best moves and pushes. I will not err on that but just name my levels Kjs722-1, Kjs722-3 and Kjs722-4. And I left Kjs722-5 and higher for you to create.
You can play Cosmos 27-104 at SokobanOnline.com and download the rest of the levels here at Sokoban.dk.



Maybe you were a member of the  Yahoo Sokoban mailgroup “You like Sokoban? Interested in puzzles? Here!”.
The group was created 1999 and has been active for 20 years. More than 1000 members. (No doubt a lot of these inactive).
Yahoo changed its group services and the Yahoo Sokoban group have been inactive since 24th of december 2019
Don’t panic. A Sokoban group has been created at groups.io and this is certainly the place to go if you want to discuss Sokoban or maybe just want to get help for a difficult level.

Actually the group has been more active for the last two months than the Yahoo group has been for the last 2 years.
E.g. you will find an interesting discussion about screen.77 in the Original Extra collection. I wrote about this back in 2016 but it seems I didn’t quite get it right. You can read the discussion here

The groups.io interface is easy to learn. And you don’t even need to learn it since you get (If you want to) everything in your mailbox and can answer mails without ever going to Sokoban@groups.io’s homepage.

Check it out

You will also find a new Sokoban group on Facebook. Actually created before the group at groups.io.

However great this initiative is I think the Sokoban group at groups.io wil be the new forum for Sokoban entusiasts.
First thing is the discussions are happening at groups.io.
And you are totally free from the usual Facebook sludge.

2020-03-30original3Title: (126) Sokoban Revisited
Comment: You have to solve the letters from left to right. Tell me if anything else is possible. bjertrup58@gmail.com
Date: 2017-04-25
Skin: Boxworld by Jeng Jong Liang

I didn’t publish this level before and you can’t download it from here.
You need to go to The Download Page where you can download my new collection Original 3.
If you are a regular user here at Sokoban.dk you have seen most of the levels before, but not all.
If you want my comments (boring or thrilling. Who knows) for the levels download Original 3 from Sokoban.dk
If you only want to compete for a lowscore you will find Original 3 at LetsLogic.com

My last Mercedes wasn’t much better. Anian solved the level without moving O5. Disappointing to say the least. A new version with this possibility blocked is coming up. While you wait for that try your solving skills on this:


Title: Circular Challenge 17 – Lazy Level
Author: DrFogh
Comment: My best moves solution 149/52, no need to move 3 boxes, no need to use one floor.
My best pushes solution 177/50, no need to move one box. Lazy Level? I have no intention trying to change this level.
Date: 2019-11-24
Skin: Chinese Checkers B by Gerry Wiseman

Tired of Mercedes? Then buy a Toyota. Makes nice cars too 🙂
(And I will publish some brand new levels in a  not far future.)

Here I struggle to bring my Mercedes beyond the prototype stadium. Now you can’t solve the level by going left at the top. Actually I made that impossible. And you need to do a little more boxmoving to get the bottom right.



Title: Circular Challenge 20 Mercedes Rev 2
Author: DrFogh
Comment: My best solution has 5 dead boxes and 1 unneeded floor. Probably possible to find more.
Date: 2020-02-29
Skin: YSokoban by George Petrov

Guess the Mercedes is not build yet… Read the last development

Forget about the first version. This one is better.

mcrev Title: Circular Challenge 20 – Mercedes Rev
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Anian found 21 dead boxes in the first version. Here it is not 21 but it certainly is not 0 either.


Once a while (About once a year) I am asked how to develop a Sokoban level.
I wrote a story creating the level below.

Circular Challenge 20 – Mercedes
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-02-01
Skin: Boxworld by Jeng Jong Liang

Being a little lazy recently with no updates since new year. But here is a new level at least.

Title: Circular Challenge 14 – Diamond
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-08-23
Skin: Soukoban by Stafan Modig



Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk

Once again? Well, not all the world think the 24th of december is the most important day of christmas. So here we go again

Christmas2019-2Title: Christmas2019-2
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Added two walls. Choose a skin with same background color and floor color.
Date: 2019-12-25


Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk


Title: Christmas 2019
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Choose a skin with same background color and floor color.
Date: 2019-12-15
Skin: Aymeric du Peloux

I confess: I love making Sokoban levels with most or all boxes on goal from start. The challenge for me is to make it necessary to move everything to solve the level. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I do not.

However carefully I test and however often I think I made a perfect level it often is the case I did not. One boring reason is I do not test my levels carefully enough before I publish them. Another reason is making a level I test the solution many times on the way and probably get mentally locked on specific series of movements and just do not see other simpler/more complicated solutions.

Influenzed by the above reasons I made the competition “Find The Dead Boxes”. Well it really is not a competition but a call to mail me if you find boxes in my levels not needed to move. The same thing with unneeded floors by the way.

Anian is a regular contributor. So if I do not get a mail from him within a week or two after publishing a level I feel quite safe I found all dead boxes myself.

Sometimes it is worth changing the level for something better. Eg. many of the levels in my collection “It’s All Greek” are remade or completely redesigned several times. Sometimes it is not worth changing anything. Eg. “Circular Challenge 13 – Hearts”. I did not notice it was not necessary to move H9. But I like the design as it is. And I really do not think it is possible making a level with the chosen layout of the boxes where it is necessary to move all the boxes. Prove me wrong if you can.

Most of the time Anian finds a box or two but sometimes my carefully thought out level can be solved without moving A LOT of boxes. So is the case with my recent remake of a level by Sokowind. Anians reduced version of the level:17anianLevel: 睿斗推箱子第17关翻拍2
Author: 风过了无痕(Sokowind)+DrFogh+Anian
Comment: Anian found 9 dead boxes and 2 unnecessary floors
Date: 2019-12-15

My best solutions are pushes 604/128 and moves 555/130. You might notice these solutions both are more than 100 moves longer than the first remade level. You might also notice it is easier find a solution. At least I did. No doubt the reason is you have a zillion less possibilities to make a wrong move.

When Anian finds dead boxes he sends me screenshots like this from YSokoban:
And then I spend some hours figuring out if the level really has a solution.
It always has.

Came across a level by Sokowind from 2012. Level 250 in the Members Puzzles collection at LetsLogic.com.
Not much of a challenge. Best solution 38/10. And you can reduce the level to 3 boxes and 29 floors.
Decided to make a bit more challenging level.
My best solutions pushes 481/116 and moves 448/130. Both with no need to move 2 boxes.
If you find solutions with even more stationary boxes and/or superfluous floors please let me know.
Did any solver manage to solve the new level? No. So you are on your own 🙂
Level: 睿斗推箱子第17关翻拍
Author: 风过了无痕+DrFogh
Comment: Remade level at the right if you did not notice.
Date: 2019-12-06
Skin: KSokoban by Anders Widell

First day of december. Why not a heart?
heartTitle: Circular Challenge 13 – Heart
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-08-13
Skin: Winsoko Xmas by Robert Wasizek and Tyge Fogh

Been a while. Holiday, work and such.
Hope you have as much fun solving this level as I had creating it.
Staff of Asclepius
Title: Circular Challenge 16 – Rod of Asclepius
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Workrelated 🙂 (Dr stands for doctor)
Date: 2019-11-16
Skin: Marble Magic by Gerry Wiseman
Learn something


BulbGraphic Sonic 3/82

Making Sokoban levels with everything off goal are easy. You do not need any check to be sure everything has to be moved.
Making Sokoban levels with everything on goal needs a lot of work to be sure everything/most of the boxes have to be moved.
Just the case with CC12 – Spade. When I published the level I knew at least two boxes were just for the look. I suspected there could be more. And right I was. Anian found 5 more boxes not needed to move and 3 floors not needed to to solve the level.
I gave the lower left part of the level a make over and came up with the level below. You have one floor less but you do not need to move I11. I am not sure if there are more dead boxes but I am sure nobody will find 7  in the remade level.
And as often written before: Do not hesitate mailing me if you find dead boxes or unneeded floors. I enjoy the challenge and most of the time I am able to make a better level.
Title: Circular Challenge 12 – New Spade
Author: DrFogh
Comment: I know you do not need to move I11. Any more?
Date: 2019-10-12



Title: Circular Challenge 12 – Spade
Author: DrFogh
Comment: No need to move G3 and F4
Date: 2019-08-22
Skin: Lilliput by Gerry Wiseman. Tiles of the size 12×12 and still very clear

2019-09-29 CC11

Title: Circular Challenge 11
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Yes, D12 (or H12) is a dead box.
Date: 2019-07-21
Skin: Balls by Hans-Dietrich Pester


BulbGraphic I was asked how to solve DrFogh: Numbers-Four. Here is a hint.


fish Title: Circular Challenge 10 – Fish
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Inspired by a level made by Maymay at Game-Sokoban.com
Date: 2019-08-04
Skin: Bejeweled

2019-08-23CC9 Title: Circular Challenge 9
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Study for Radioactivity. H4 is a dead box.
Date: 2019-06-15
Skin: Boxxle – Nintendo 1989

For some forgotten reason I had a look at level 87
(Attention Virus) in the collection Sokostation by Ghislain Martin and
decided the level was in for a brush up. You would probably not notice if I didn’t mention it.

Title: Circular Challenge 8
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-06-02
Skin: Boxxle – Nintendo 1989

You can make several variations stoning boxes in this layout. You will find some of these in the levelfile.

Summer in Denmark. Why not a butterfly.  butterflyTitle: Butterfly
Author: DrFogh
Comment: In my workshop 2 or 3 years before I finished it.
Date: 2017-06-29
Skin: Kenya Maruyama

Found the missing Circular Challenge 5
Title: Circular Challenge 5 Alias Flacon 5 With Benefits
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-05-07
Skin: Simple Plain by Borgar

It’s hard to test bigger levels for unneeded floors and dead boxes. Anian found 2 unneeded floors in CC6. You will find the enhanced CC6 in the levelfile for an extra challenge. Didn’t solve it yet myself.