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Enjoy Sokoban? Enjoy solving Sokoban puzzles?
This might be a place for you. You will occasionally, hopefully often, find a new level or two here.
And you will find other stuff about Sokoban added if the author finds it worthwhile and finds the time.


A little late but anyway: Happy Easter

Title: Easter 2023
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Even americans can afford these eggs. They are free.
Date: 2023-04-22
Skin: Easter by Brian Damgaard

2023-03-18 Radioactivity Time
Revised 2023-04-17

More than half a year ago I published Radioactivity version 1. Quite a lot of flaws and on Anians suggestions I made a lot of changes, reduced the floors by 12 and made a much better level but didn’t publish it.
Much to my surprise I found a rather well done remake  by Eric F Tchong/Rikitin/Jack… on Letslogic. And actually gave Eric credit for that.
Too good to be true. I forgot I published the revised level version 2 in my article about notheworthy authors 2022.
So no credit given. I can still apologize for harsh words but for nothing else.
I looked at the level one more time and found a few more possible changes and reduced the floors by another 3. Published on LetsLogic as version 3.
Thanks to Archanfel and Andrej Cerjac for providing me with their solutions. Way shorter than mine. That often means a circular level have some great flaws but lucily not this time. From version 2 to version 3. From version 1 to version 2? Oh oh.
And now to my great pleasure, Xian made a version 4 with the floors reduced by another 12.
Can you spot all the changes?

Title: Radioactivity v1
Author: DrFogh
Comment: You will find some dead boxes
Date: 2022-07-26

Title: Radioactivity v2
Comment: Anian suggested some changes. 12 floors stoned.
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2023-03-16

Title: Radioactivity v3
Author: DrFogh
Comment: 3 more boxes stoned
Date: 2023-03-17

Title: Radioactivity v4
Author: DrFogh + 闲(XIAN)
Comment: And yet another 12 floors stoned.
Date: 2023-03-18

Skin by Beemann

Download the levels here. If you solve version 4 you have solved them all.

End of improvement? Maybe but you can make a version with even fewer floors. Please do. But only by adding walls. Nothing else allowed.


Who made the levels you try to solve?

Follow the link and find a list(not complete) of authors that published new levels 2022


Happy New Year 2023

Boston University New Year 2023



Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk

Title: Christmas 2022 – Sokosanta
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2022-12-18
Skin: Winsoko Xmas by Robert Vasisek (and Tyge Fogh). With a little twist to make Sokosanta look better.

No, this is not a circular level. I solved Sokosanta for you. Do you want to give it a try yourself? Click here


Started the Circular Challenge series more than 3 years ago.
Maybee it is time to make a collection…

Title:  Circular Challenge 50 – Radioactivity
Author: DrFogh
Comment: You will find some dead boxes
Date: 2022-07-26
Skin: Beemann

Feel free to contact me if you find unnecessary floors, serious weeknesses I might be able to cure or any other comments. And how many dead boxes do you find?


Not much happening here but at least I can treat you with an easteregg and wish you a happy easter!
The level is no match for a experienced Sokoban player and you don’t need to move all the boxes. Your challenge will be how many boxes you can leave untouched. My record is 16 so far but you might find more.

Title: Easter 2022
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2022-04-13
Skin: Easter by Brian Damgaard


Ever wondered which countries plays Sokoban? Quite a few I think. At least Sokoban.dk had visits from more than 100 different countries 2021 according to the statistics below:


Happy New Year 2022

Fireworks in Copenhagen


Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk

Title: Christmas 2021 – Christmas Cane
Author: DrFogh
Comment: The downloadable made fat so every Sokoban program understands.
Date: 2021-12-17
Skin: Christmas Boxworld

Christmas Canes are way more popular than covid vaccinations in The United States. 1.76 billions eaten per year compared to some 500 millions shots.
Who invented the christmas cane? Nobody really know but you can read more here.

PS: The above graphics are the level solved. Otherwise it would be much to easy.


Not much happening here at Sokoban.dk the last half year or so. While that didn’t happen YASC had it’s 20th birthday.
Congratulations Brian Damgaard.
As a gift for Brian I made a brand new Sokoban level:

Title: YASC 20 Years (Circular Challenge level ?)
Author: DrFogh
Comment: A tribute to Brian Damgaard and YASC at the 20th birthday (YASCs birthday:)
Date: 2021-12-04
Skin: Games4Brains

I have some christmas challenges for you:

1. Solve the level. You are welcome to use a solver. Give it a hundred hours or so. If any solver succeeds I will send you a box of Tuborg Julebryg for free. If not you can enjoy the advertisment for said beer below.

2. Without corrupting the layout of the boxes and without changing the size (38*17) can you make a better level? That means more boxes needed to be moved (Now it is 65 with my best solution. Might be lower) and/or a longer solution.. Change everything you want within the given conditions. If you use my level as a template I guess much could be done around C, F and 0. If you grab the challenge then send me both the new layout and solution.

3. How few boxes do you need to move and still solve the level?. This competition can be extended to any variants I publish from the second challenge. Solution needed to compete.

4./5. You can always compete for the fewest moves and fewest pushes if you care. You are welcome to provide me with solutions. But I gusss I will publish the level at letslogic.com in a not very far future.

Hope and peace. Green. Isn’t it ?

Title: Circular Challenge – Peace
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Yes. You are right. You need not move everything to solve the level.
Date: 2021-05-30

This time you get a brand new level. Please use an autosolver 🙂 Give Sokolution and/or Festival a few hours. And then try to find a solution yourself.

Is the level solvable with an extra wall at R8?
Actually I guess it is but i haven’t wholeheartedly tried (The sun is shining in Denmark).
You will find the modified level in the level file.
Give it a try if it is raining or snowning in your country and you have some time to spend.
If you make it send me a solution( bjertrup58@gmail.com). Or just tell me it is solvable and I will give it another try.

Not much activity here for the last month or so. Actually I only made two new levels the last half year…
So you will have to be content with som old stuff. Kind of a tribute to Diceman who made some hundred nice levels on Sokobanonline. And then disappeared…
Hopefully he will be back soon. And while we wait you can put your mitts on these levels:
Left Level:
Title: Circular Challenge – Alice
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Idea from Diceman (If you can say a straght line of boxes is
an idea from anywhere)
Date: 2020-05-16

Right Level:
Title: Circular Challenge – Remodel
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Same box layout as Alice in Wonderland 50 by Diceman.
Does that make the level a remodel?
And if I tell you the box layout is found widely as a part of a level
but only stand alone as in Dicemans level and in mine?
Date: 2020-05-24

The Level File

The Skin: Boxworld Red by Jeng Jong Liang and Tyge Fogh

Time for the Easter bunny to roam your garden and put some eggs in the baskets.

Title: Easter 2021
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Yes. At least 2 boxes need not be moved.
Date: 2021-04-04
Skin: Easter by Brian Damgaard

QuotePilgrim made a really good looking high resolution version of the classic skin Go. Appropriately named Goban (=Go Board) You will find two versions at QuotePilgrims Googledrive

Title: Circular Challenge 38 – @
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Only Festival managed to solve this level.
Date: 2020-06-28
Skin: Goban Seamless by QuotePilgrim

An unofficial(Nothing is official in Sokoban except for what comes from Sokoban.jp) codex for the format of  Sokoban level is enclosed in every Sokoban level file created from YASC. The by far most frequently downloaded Sokoban player in the world. Find the codex here as a textfile for reference


Title: Circular Challenge 31 – Replug
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Just push the cork into the bottle and back again
Date: 2020-05-01
Skin: Circles HD by QuotePilgrim. Original by Ariel Rodrigues


QuotePilgrim made a bunch of nice high resolution skins. Among others you will find a reworked verision of one of my favorites, Circles by Ariel Rodrigues.

You find the skins at QuotePilgrims Google drive


QuotePilgrim askede me to put the skins on Sokoban.dk. I will be very pleased to do that but it will wait a bit until I have time for an overhaul of the skin part of the site.

Mostly for the nerds 🙂
Anian pointed out my test results for “Just for Fun” couldn’t possibly be correct.
Actually I tested the level with the Sokoban at E5 and later decided the level looked nicer with the Sokoaban at E6.
And changed the solutions manually but not the “count”.
Retesting I came to these results:

		Solution	Moves		Pushes
Festival	414/78		261/78		287/72
Sokolution	892/160		289/78		289/78
YASS		536/104		261/78		287/72
JSoko		1612/248	261/78		287/72
Takaken		533/98		261/78		287/72

Given some extra time and a wider vicinity search, YASO eventually was able to reduce the solution reached by Sokolution to 261/78 and 287/72 as well.

  • Comparing the solvers with no obvious proof of anything I notice
    • Sokolution and Festival are very close to each other at solving capacity but probably Festival is a tiny bit better.
    • If both Sokolution and Festival finds a solution, Sokolution usually is much the fastest.
    • YASS and JSoko comes out second to Sokolution and Festival. And are quite equal with YASS on the top most of the time. YASS is usually faster than JSoko.
    • Takaken is unclassified compared to the rest of the bunch. Usually it finds a solution fast or gives up fast.
    • I still find levels only one solver is able to solve.
    • YASS is best at finding a level unsolvable. Sokolution and Festival often just reach “Time out”

I only know two optimizers. YASO and the optimizer in JSoko. YASO consistently find better optimizations than JSoko.

Somebody published Carlos Montiers level from the Wikipedia article on Sokoban at SokobanOnline. Instead of  just deleting it, the level was marked as “Just for fun” because you can watch the solution on the Internet. A mark normaly reserved for levels that has no challenge at all for even the weakest human Sokoban solver.
Then thousands of levels should be marked as “Just for fun” since you find thousands of solutions on the internet. And many of them animated on Youtube, eg. all the levels from the Original Collection by Thinking Rabbit.
And how about autosolvable levels? No fun either. Mark them as “Just for fun”.
I decided to make my own “Just for fun” level.
(Give it a try before you use the autosolver)
justforfunTitle: Circular Challenge 42 – Just For Fun
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-11-29
Skin: Go+

Below results for differet solvers. Solutions optimized by the YASC optimizer YASO.

		Solution	Moves		Pushes
Festival	501/96		261/77		287/71
Sokolution	891/160		287/71		287/71
YASS		537/103		261/77		279/73
JSoko		1661/242	261/77		287/71
Takaken		533/98		261/77		287/71

Can you beat the optimizer?

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