Sokoban Perfect Plus

A member wrote in The Sokoban Yahoo Group, september 26th 2015:

“Yesterday, and finally, it seems Falcon has released their new puzzle set!
You can download demo version on this site, but you have to pay if you want to enjoy full version. In demo version, you can play 10 total puzzles, 9 old and one new.
It supports mouse movements(and just each one pushing), replays, backwards replays, recording hi-scores, etc. Also, there is title and author’s comment of each levels.(Non-Japanese OS users should excute it with applocale to see the correct japanese character.)
To get a license code to activate full version, you have to pay it at ‘’. The site supports for PayPal, but I’m not sure if foreigner can buy from here.
I wonder if they are going to release ‘B side’ too!”
You can read the announcement here
download the demo version here

Sokoban Perfect Plus, level8
Sokoban Perfect Plus, level8