Tools and Guides


Mik: How to build a good Sokoban level – Guide on Game4Brains. 2005

John Polhemus: YASC Skin Tutorial – How to use the Skin creator in YASC.

Lee Haywood – The SokEvo level generator


You can get all the below listed solvers via the Sokoban++ homepage.

  • YASS(Yet Another Sokoban Solver) plug-in – Go to YASCs homepage to get it.
  • PocoSolv plug-in (1.0d) – A sover made by David White. Integrated in Sokoban++.  The homepage for PocoSolv is defunct.
  • BoxSearch plug-in – Made by Ge Yong. Homepage long gone. Find it in the Internet Archive

Takaken – Sokoban Automatic Solver

Scalable Game Design – A project from Colorado University to teach IT in low grade school and get the pupils interested by programming their own game. Tutorial to program your own Sokoban player