About Skins

Boxworld 2016 4x8You can find hundreds of skins for Sokoban on the net. If you look. And if you know where to look.

Sometimes you will find skins that work perfectly. Sometimes you will find skins badly implemented.

My aim here is to present the best skins with whatever information available and provide either a direct download or link whenever possible.

Right now there is much to look at and not much to download. Basically you will find screenshots from my collection of common skins and a few more. And a few downloads, if you look carefully.

The downloadable files has be optimized to be as good looking as possible:
The graphics have been repaired whenever necessary.
Practically all skins have a fixed zoomfactor=100%, meaning you will not see a low-res skin presenting a small puzzle  using all the room on your 27 inch monitor (Does not look nice).
XMLSokobanXMLSokobanRestauratedMost of the skins have been doubled in pixelcount, meaning a skin with 20*20 graphic elements have been resized to 40*40. Again for a nicer presentation on the screen.
These adjustments mean you will not see a blurred skin. The graphics will always bee sharp. Not as shown above where the resolution has been altered from 27 to 50.

A lot of skins will not be shown here. Why not? Is beauty a quality in it self? Or is playability? Well, a mix I think. When you play you want a skin that makes the layout easy to read and you want a significant difference between blocks on goal and blocks not on goal. If the skin is nice to look at it is a plus.


That’s why I always return to Boxworld, Game4Brains, Soukoban Heavy Metal A or Nightshift A and only occasionally play something else.

Skins lacking a fair amount of the above qualifications will not be presented. But you might eventually find them in the “bulk” files when I get that far.

Find my collection here

And Look here for more skins.