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Searched The Net for the first version of the skin for XSokoban? Sorry. You will not find it here. Couldn’t find proper graphics. But eventually…

What you will find is lots of skins collected from all over The Net. You will mostly find skins in the Common Skin format but will also find a few skins in other formats for use with different Sokoban programs.

The skins downloadable here have been carefully selected and reconstructed if necessary. You will only find skins in their original resolutions or upscaled pixel to pixel by a factor 2 or more for better presentation. As a result you will not get distorted graphics by badly implemented resizing. Many errors in the skins have been fixed. Eg. uncentered graphics, missing backgrounds, random wrong pixels… Still room for improvement but you will find the best available versions of the skins on The Net here.

Some skins have been enhanced in various ways. Some by redrawing the graphics in a higher resolution. Some with entertaining and useful animations?

The skins are collected in zip-files. A file for each Sokoban player supported. All the available skins are in there. Just take your pick.

icon-archive 2017-09-09-YASC-CommonSkins
icon-archive 2017-12-23-SokoSkinner- CommonSkins 1.2 for YASC.exe *)
Most of the skins are in the common skin format 4×8. A few skins are in an old 4×10 YSokoban format. And a few skins are in extended common skin format only readable by YASC.
It doesn’t really matter for you as a user. Just unzip or drag the content of the archive to YASCs Common Skins folder: Documents\Sokoban\SokobanYASC\Skins\ Common Skins.
From YASC choose Settings>Skins>Load Skin (Or hit F2 twice) and choose the skin you want to use.
For best graphic presentation practically all skins are preset to a maximal 100% scaling in each skins Image Text File.
If you want bigger graphics again hit F2 twice and choose the skin you want to use. Upper left choose Menu>Image Text. The Image Text shows. Rightclick in the text and choose Edit. You can now change the maximal scaling by entering a higher percentage or by deleting the line. Click OK and you are done.
By the way: YASC can handle most skin formats so just copy the skin to the appropriate folder and choose it. Usually it works.
*) My internet provider doesn’t allow exe files so you need to download and unzip (Right mouse button, choose unzip). Then just click the exe file and the skins will install to your YASC installation in the folder …\Skins\Common Skins\SokoSkinner.

icon-archive 2017-09-08-YSOK-CommonSkins
icon-archive 2017-12-23-SokoSkinner- CommonSkins 1.2 for
Most of the skins are in the common skin format 4×8. And a few in the old 4×10 YSokoban format. YSokoban handles both formats but you need to turn off grid and you cant use the seamless scaling function with the old format.
You will probably want your skins with your YSokoban installation? Rightclick the YSokoban icon, choose “Open program folder” and unzip or drag the content of the archive to the folder.
Changing skins with YSokoban are very easy. Just open your skin folder and drag the skinfiles to the YSokoban window and the skin will install and be used instantly.

You get the Common Skins in an YASC version and an YSokoban version here. The players can use whichever version you choose but there are small differences so it is preferable to use the player specific skin.

Sokoban 3
icon-archive 2017-09-08-Sokoban3-Skn Sorry. Errors. Will be away for a while
The player uses its own skin format .skn. The skins downloadable from here are mostly skins adapted by me (DrFogh).
Unzip or drag the content of the archive to Sokoban 3’s skin folder: Documents\Sokoban 3\Skins.
You find more skins to download from Sokoban 3’s homepage. Just click download and the choosen skin will find its way to the skin folder in Sokoban 3.

Sorry. No skins specific for this player. JSoko got its own format and reads the .skn-format. Just download and unzip or drag the content of the skn-archive for Sokoban 3 to JSoko’s folder JSoko\Skins\skn format. However there might be some differences how Sokoban 3 and JSoko interprets the skins and there can be some unexpected results.

icon-archive 2017-12-23-SokoSkinner- Skins 1.2 for
You can download a lot of skins for this player as a zip-file from the Sokoban++ homepage.
And a lot more here in the skin collection Sokoskinner by Annie Lee.

Visual Sokoban
icon-archive 2017-09-09-VisualSokoban
Some nice skins for this player not more in development. You can use the skins with YASC by installing them to the folder Skins\Visual Sokoban.

Some nice skins for this player also not more in development. You can use the skins with YASC by installing them to the folder Skins\Sokoban BDE.

Missing your favorite skin? Please tell me. Please provide me with the graphics if you got them. But there are no guarantee for publishing. Many skins are best forgotten.

NB: Most of these skins are quite old but somebody might still hold some copyrights. Please let me know and I will correct any violation I have done.