It’s All Greek


Finally! The collection “It’s All Greek” is finished for publishing.
No doubt my best collection so far.

AllGreekA big thank to foremost Anian for testing many of my levels and finding a hoarde of dead boxes and superfluous floors. I have been able to change some of the levels to get rid of many of these. And had to construct completely new levels to make something decent worth publishing.
Also thanks to Brian Damgaard, Jordi Domenech and Matthias Meger who have contributed with valueable input.

The collection is avaiable for download here at of course and you can download and play it at if you want to compete for a lowscore 🙂
Other sites are wellcome to publish the collection.

A few of the levels have been changed in small details after the last publication at If you can’t upload a solution to it is probably the reason and you need to find another solution.

A special competition could be the hunt for dead boxes (=boxes not needed to move to solve a level). You will find a list of known dead boxes in the levelfile from
You can hunt for dead floors (=floors not needed to use to solve a level). To my knowledge there are none.
Don’t hesitate to send me solutions with unknown dead boxes and ditto floors.

I wondered how autosolvers would handle It’s All Greek.
10 levels were not solved by any solver.
5 levels were solved by only one solver.
9 levels were solved by all solvers.

Level JSoko Sokolution YASS Takaken
Alfa x
Beta x x
Gamma x x
Big Gamma x x x x
Big Delta
Epsilon x
Zeta x x x x
Eta x x x
Big Theta
Iota x x x x
Lambda x x x x
Big Lambda x x x
Nu x x
Xi x x x x
Big Xi
Omicron x x
Pi x
Big Pi x x x
Sigma 1 x x x
Sigma 2 x x x x
Big Sigma x x
Tau x x x x
Upsilon x x
Big Upsilon x x x x
Big Phi
Chi x
Psi x
Omega x x x x
Big Omega x x
Solved 11 19 14 23

The skin? Heavy Metal 1 by Gerry Wiseman.