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Enjoy Sokoban? Enjoy solving Sokoban puzzles?
This might be a place for you. You will occasionally, hopefully often, find a new level or two here.
And you will find other stuff about Sokoban added if the author finds it worthwhile and finds the time.

Guess the Mercedes is not build yet… Read the last development

Forget about the first version. This one is better.

mcrev Title: Circular Challenge 20 – Mercedes Rev
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Anian found 21 dead boxes in the first version. Here it is not 21 but it certainly is not 0 either.


Once a while (About once a year) I am asked how to develop a Sokoban level.
I wrote a story creating the level below.

Circular Challenge 20 – Mercedes
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2020-02-01
Skin: Boxworld by Jeng Jong Liang

Being a little lazy recently with no updates since new year. But here is a new level at least.

Title: Circular Challenge 14 – Diamond
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-08-23
Skin: Soukoban by Stafan Modig



Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk

Once again? Well, not all the world think the 24th of december is the most important day of christmas. So here we go again

Christmas2019-2Title: Christmas2019-2
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Added two walls. Choose a skin with same background color and floor color.
Date: 2019-12-25


Merry Christmas from the staff at Sokoban.dk


Title: Christmas 2019
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Choose a skin with same background color and floor color.
Date: 2019-12-15
Skin: Aymeric du Peloux

I confess: I love making Sokoban levels with most or all boxes on goal from start. The challenge for me is to make it necessary to move everything to solve the level. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I do not.

However carefully I test and however often I think I made a perfect level it often is the case I did not. One boring reason is I do not test my levels carefully enough before I publish them. Another reason is making a level I test the solution many times on the way and probably get mentally locked on specific series of movements and just do not see other simpler/more complicated solutions.

Influenzed by the above reasons I made the competition “Find The Dead Boxes”. Well it really is not a competition but a call to mail me if you find boxes in my levels not needed to move. The same thing with unneeded floors by the way.

Anian is a regular contributor. So if I do not get a mail from him within a week or two after publishing a level I feel quite safe I found all dead boxes myself.

Sometimes it is worth changing the level for something better. Eg. many of the levels in my collection “It’s All Greek” are remade or completely redesigned several times. Sometimes it is not worth changing anything. Eg. “Circular Challenge 13 – Hearts”. I did not notice it was not necessary to move H9. But I like the design as it is. And I really do not think it is possible making a level with the chosen layout of the boxes where it is necessary to move all the boxes. Prove me wrong if you can.

Most of the time Anian finds a box or two but sometimes my carefully thought out level can be solved without moving A LOT of boxes. So is the case with my recent remake of a level by Sokowind. Anians reduced version of the level:17anianLevel: 睿斗推箱子第17关翻拍2
Author: 风过了无痕(Sokowind)+DrFogh+Anian
Comment: Anian found 9 dead boxes and 2 unnecessary floors
Date: 2019-12-15

My best solutions are pushes 604/128 and moves 555/130. You might notice these solutions both are more than 100 moves longer than the first remade level. You might also notice it is easier find a solution. At least I did. No doubt the reason is you have a zillion less possibilities to make a wrong move.

When Anian finds dead boxes he sends me screenshots like this from YSokoban:
And then I spend some hours figuring out if the level really has a solution.
It always has.

Came across a level by Sokowind from 2012. Level 250 in the Members Puzzles collection at LetsLogic.com.
Not much of a challenge. Best solution 38/10. And you can reduce the level to 3 boxes and 29 floors.
Decided to make a bit more challenging level.
My best solutions pushes 481/116 and moves 448/130. Both with no need to move 2 boxes.
If you find solutions with even more stationary boxes and/or superfluous floors please let me know.
Did any solver manage to solve the new level? No. So you are on your own 🙂
Level: 睿斗推箱子第17关翻拍
Author: 风过了无痕+DrFogh
Comment: Remade level at the right if you did not notice.
Date: 2019-12-06
Skin: KSokoban by Anders Widell

First day of december. Why not a heart?
heartTitle: Circular Challenge 13 – Heart
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-08-13
Skin: Winsoko Xmas by Robert Wasizek and Tyge Fogh

Been a while. Holiday, work and such.
Hope you have as much fun solving this level as I had creating it.
Staff of Asclepius
Title: Circular Challenge 16 – Rod of Asclepius
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Workrelated 🙂 (Dr stands for doctor)
Date: 2019-11-16
Skin: Marble Magic by Gerry Wiseman
Learn something


BulbGraphic Sonic 3/82

Making Sokoban levels with everything off goal are easy. You do not need any check to be sure everything has to be moved.
Making Sokoban levels with everything on goal needs a lot of work to be sure everything/most of the boxes have to be moved.
Just the case with CC12 – Spade. When I published the level I knew at least two boxes were just for the look. I suspected there could be more. And right I was. Anian found 5 more boxes not needed to move and 3 floors not needed to to solve the level.
I gave the lower left part of the level a make over and came up with the level below. You have one floor less but you do not need to move I11. I am not sure if there are more dead boxes but I am sure nobody will find 7  in the remade level.
And as often written before: Do not hesitate mailing me if you find dead boxes or unneeded floors. I enjoy the challenge and most of the time I am able to make a better level.
Title: Circular Challenge 12 – New Spade
Author: DrFogh
Comment: I know you do not need to move I11. Any more?
Date: 2019-10-12



Title: Circular Challenge 12 – Spade
Author: DrFogh
Comment: No need to move G3 and F4
Date: 2019-08-22
Skin: Lilliput by Gerry Wiseman. Tiles of the size 12×12 and still very clear

2019-09-29 CC11

Title: Circular Challenge 11
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Yes, D12 (or H12) is a dead box.
Date: 2019-07-21
Skin: Balls by Hans-Dietrich Pester


BulbGraphic I was asked how to solve DrFogh: Numbers-Four. Here is a hint.


fish Title: Circular Challenge 10 – Fish
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Inspired by a level made by Maymay at Game-Sokoban.com
Date: 2019-08-04
Skin: Bejeweled

2019-08-23CC9 Title: Circular Challenge 9
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Study for Radioactivity. H4 is a dead box.
Date: 2019-06-15
Skin: Boxxle – Nintendo 1989

For some forgotten reason I had a look at level 87
(Attention Virus) in the collection Sokostation by Ghislain Martin and
decided the level was in for a brush up. You would probably not notice if I didn’t mention it.

Title: Circular Challenge 8
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-06-02
Skin: Boxxle – Nintendo 1989

You can make several variations stoning boxes in this layout. You will find some of these in the levelfile.

Summer in Denmark. Why not a butterfly.  butterflyTitle: Butterfly
Author: DrFogh
Comment: In my workshop 2 or 3 years before I finished it.
Date: 2017-06-29
Skin: Kenya Maruyama

Found the missing Circular Challenge 5
Title: Circular Challenge 5 Alias Flacon 5 With Benefits
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2019-05-07
Skin: Simple Plain by Borgar

It’s hard to test bigger levels for unneeded floors and dead boxes. Anian found 2 unneeded floors in CC6. You will find the enhanced CC6 in the levelfile for an extra challenge. Didn’t solve it yet myself.