Special Stuff


Here you will find stuff not strictly related to playing Sokoban. Thanks to Erim Sever for finding lots of the stuff.

  • Lego Sokoban. First one from Erim Sever. Second one from Lego Ideas.ErimLegoLegotrans
  • If you like crates here are some. box_pycomall PictureBox WoodenCrateForBGEstorage-300
  • Sokoban Wallpaper by Yang Chao. 1920*1020.>
  • CS7034: Augmented Reality Assignment 3.
    17. mar. 2009 – MSc Interactive Entertainment Technology – CS7034: Augmented Reality Assignment. Simple augmented reality maze game, based on Sokoban a logic game. Implemented using ARTag & GoblinXNA with Wii Remote as interface. Object of game is place boxes over the green sphere targets – once all targets have been covered with boxes the user can progress to the next level of the game.