Playing Around


Just made a few tests with the brand new Sokoban solver by Florent Diedler and compared it to the existing top solvers.

Tried the solvers with my collection “Sokobet”. Didn’t expect any solver could solve ‘Æ’.

None of the other solvers succeeded but JSoko did in 0,4 seconds.

To my surprise JSoko found a much simpler solution than I thought was possible.

The original design:ae1

In my best solution it was necessary to push eight boxes through the goal area before you could pack it. I thought.

JSoko proved me wrong and found a solution with only three boxes needed to push through the goal area. The floor area can be reduced with an impressive 22 floors  like this:


The original design and the sharpened design can have exact identical solutions.

I really had to redesign the level:


Now the simple solution is impossible and the solution is close to the original one I found. I needed to make room for 11 boxes at the right side of the goal area.

Want to play “Evolving Æ” ?

The skin? Beemann. But that is another story.