DrFogh: Numbers-Four

Title: Numbers – Four
Author: DrFogh
Date: 2016-06-28

four2Studying the level a little you probably realize you have to get everything inside before you can move the boxes to their final goal.
Actually it is not everything and two boxes can move to their final goal right away (1).
That done you can continue arranging the rest of the boxes in the top of the level and after that it is a piece of cake.
The rest of the boxes? Well two boxes need just to be inside the bottleneck (2) at the bottom of 4.
Now fill the lower half of the stem of 4 and the serious stuff is finished.

The interesting wall? My first version of the level was without the wall at E5 and YASS solved the level right away. But not after I added E5.
Now 3 years after it is the same thing. I let Sokolution have a go at the level but a little surprising it did not even solve the “light” version.