A few years ago you often had to go to the authors websites to get and play their Sokoban levels. Now you can play Sokoban on The Net at sites with more or less complete collections of all Sokoban levels. Ready for play on line or download. Many authors prefer to upload their levels to one or more of these sites. The personal websites dwindle away and link collections you find contain mostly broken links.
Not so here at The links below are all working. (At least today)

icon-star Lets Logic
Highscore site with a huge collection of levels. You can play online or you can upload your solutions competing for high scores. Registering as a member you can design and upload your own levels, take part in often heated discussions about Sokoban and download whatever levels your heart desires.

Chinese site (in English) with a slowly growing collection of usually advanced levels by the members.

icon-star Jordi Domènech Blog and Jordi Domènech website
Active Sokoban writer and designer for years. Often writes articles about different topics in Sokoban on his blog.
On the website you find Jordi’s level collections and extensive information and links for Sokoban players and skins.

icon-star – Level of The Month
Around the middle of the month you get a brand new usually rather small and usually rather tricky level by Mic. An appetizer for levels and Sokoban players sold at Games4Brains. Don’t miss it.

icon-star – The MF8 Sokoban Competition
Chinese site (in chinese as well as in English).  The reason for the competition is to attract more people to play Sokoban. The competitions started on a roughly monthly schedule in 2009. In the start you got one level per competition but from 2013 you get two levels for each competition. A hard level for experienced players and easier level for not-so-experienced players.

Another highscore site. Probably the world leader concerning number of levels submitted. As a member you can design and publish your own levels. Most of the activity is around a Sokoban variant called Modern Sokoban. Once in a while you will find well designed levels by authors not found other places.

icon-star-half-full Game-Sokoban
Another highscore site. You get the same collections as provided by other high score sites. What you don’t get anywhere else is a classic level by Sonic(Aleksey Krupenko) and Lester(?) roughly on a monthly basis. The members provide a level once in a while. Some of them very well designed.
The skin used is quite difficult to read but the levels are provided in standard format for easy download. The online designer checks for nothing so you will occasionally find an unsolvable puzzle.

icon-star YASC (Yet Another Sokoban Clone)
YASC never got its ovn homepage except for the standard page at Don’t let that shy you away. You can download the worlds most advanced Sokoban suite with a wealth of features: player, solver, skindesigner, leveldesigner, graphical recognition of puzzles… All totally free.

The oldest site alive to register scores for individual levels and for download of  level collections. No highscore competition.
Contains a good Sokoban Wikipedia mostly about the mechanics behind Sokoban. Registration of records for the levels and new tests of Sokoban solver programs are updated regularly. The level collections are rarely and selectively updated.

icon-star-o Erim Sever
Large homepage with lots of links. Once the place to be for information about Sokoban. Not updated since around 2010 but still contains a lot of information.

One of the few commercial Sokoban sites. Most stuff are free anyway.
The site got an online level identity checker and level ID calculator.
Download Björn Källmarks Windows Sokoban player “Sokoban 3”, formerly known as “Sokoban for Windows”. Lots of downloadable skins. Sokoban 3 connects directly to the site for registering your records.
You should also check out Björns android Sokoban player.

icon-star-o Games 4 Brains
One of the few commercial Sokoban sites. Here you get the Windows Sokoban suite Sokofun. Sokofun provides a player and a level designer. You can download the shareware version and around 100 levels to play for free. For Sokofun Pro and further levels by Mic you have to pay.
Not much happening on the site since 2007 but can still buy around 2000 well designed levels for around 40-50€.

icon-star-half-full Sokoban++
Homepage for the Sokoban suite Sokoban++ by Joris Vit from Netherland. You will find the nice player Sokoban++, also with a wealth of features. Translates and plays nearly any sokoban level file. And don’t forget to try Soko++ for android.

icon-star-o Gil’s Sokoban Levels Design Contest
Competition 2015 with design in varying categories with fixed numbers of blocks and floors. Winning parameter were solely most moves to solve the given levels. The result was some interesting designs and some uninteresting designs. The levels can be downloaded form LetsLogic.

icon-star-half-full You like Sokoban? Interested in puzzles? Here!
Quite a name but this is the only still existing Sokoban discussion group. The group started 1999. The activity is moderate but anyway this is the place if you are seriously more interested in Sokoban than just enjoying some levels. You can find stuff in the archives for the discussion group hard to find other places.

icon-star-half-full ZXRetrosoft
Webpageowner Zdeněk Šimek from The Czech Republic.
You will find four Sokobanplayers, all coded without use of any high level programming tools. You will find the levels for the players Boxes-X Extreme (Formerly Sokoban Extreme) and Brainsport Extreme at LetsLogic but not the levels for Brainsport or Boxes-X For Kids. Try them.
A chinese site for the smartphone Sokoban player Sokoban Club. The players main levelset is Boxxle 1 but you will find a few unique levels on the site.

Ghislain Martin at
Ghislain Martin arguably is the person who programmed most Sokoban solvers. Made some nice levels too. Nothing much is happening on the homepage. Mostly old stuff but you can try Ghislains 9th Sokoban Solver “Sokostation 6”.
An anonymous Sokoban High score site with well known levels.
The official site for Falcon, the Sokoban owner. Some history and announcement of new Sokoban players. Sokoban Touch, the only official Sokoban app for iOS and Android, is presented here. 2018-02-14

Borgar Torssteinson at
Known for designing the skins Yoshi, Simple and Lager. The skins were designed for Borgars Sokoban player licensed under GNU v3.0. You can get the player and the graphics at Borgars homepage.

icon-star Kenichiro Takahashi aka Takaken
Homepage for the Sokoban solver Takaken. Last update 2008 but the solver still is one of the best.

icon-star-o Lee Haywood
Download Haywoods autogenerator SokEvo and levelsets from here.

Premyzl Zika aka Zika
Not much happening in a Sokoban way. Zika makes a nice and difficult collection once in a while but not on his homepage. Look for his collections at LetsLogic.

icon-star – Home for JSoko
You can download the Java Sokoban player JSoko by Matthias Meager here. Get JSoko if you use Linux, Mac or Windows. Doesn’t matter. Once in a while you will find a usefull link. The only place Florent Diedlers solver Sokosolve was announced! Hard to get news about Sokoban sometimes…

icon-star YSokoban
One of the best Sokoban suites for Windows programmed by George Petrov. New versions several times per year so be sure to visit often.

Ian Parberry – Laboratory for Recreational Computing
Ian Parberry is a professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Director of the Laboratory for Recreational Computing at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, USA. You can read about autogeneration of levels and find some hundred easy autogenerated levels not found anywhere else.
If you want to make your own Sokoban skin you will find some graphics here.

Francois Marques
In 2003 Francois made a monthly competition with some tough puzzles.

Phillipe Galmel
Homepage with stuff about different logic games. Phillipe Galmel made a player just called Sokoban :-). You will find some skins too. Last update 2009.

Scott Lindhurst
Programmed “Sokoban for MacIntosh”. You can still get the program here. Last update 2006.

Serg Baliyev
Lot of stuff about automatic solving. Serg made his own levelsets. You will find them the usual place(s). Last update around 2008. In russian.

University of Alberta, Canada
Mostly about the once ruling solver Rolling Stone. Last update 2006.

Eric Sunshine – Soko-Save
A multi platform player by Eric Sunshine. Last update 2012.

Sylvian Gravejat – Visual Sokoban
A good now discontinued Sokoban player. Last change 2003. Collection of around 80 skins.

Once the place for people playing Sokoban on unix systems. You can still get the sourcecode for XSokoban. Last change before 2000.

Yoshio Murase
First there was the Original level Collection. Then there was Yoshio Murase Autogenerated and Yoshio Murase Handmade. And then came all the others. Get the authors collections here. Last change before 2005.

Mind Games – Daily Sokoban
A new Sokoban level daily. They liked Gerry Wisemans bulldozer.

Kongregate – Snail and Sokoban 2
Another Online Sokoban player with a new Sokoban level daily.

Kongregate – Sokokong
Generated a daily level for years. Stoppede may 2015, but you can still play 14000+ autogenerated levels. Dont bother to play Sokokongs build in levelsets. They are all copied from wellknown authors.

icon-star-o Rocks ‘n’ Diamonds –
Not a dedicated Sokoban site but the site for the program Rocks ‘n’ Diamonds, a multigame including elements from many platform games and… Sokoban. If you misses graphics for your favorite skin go here.

R’n’D jue
If you want to play Sokoban with a special design try this Rocks ‘n’ Diamonds clone.

icon-star-o BBS.mf8-china
I really don’t understand a thing but once or twice per year you might find a Sokoban level here.

František Pokorný
You can download Františeks levels from here. Last update 2014.

Robert Vašíček
Robert made the Sokoban player Winsoko and lots of other programs and utilitise. And he is a bridge player 🙂 . Last update 2014
Another Highscore site. Simple and nice interface.

icon-star-half-full Gray Sky Games
Get the Sokoban Player “Still Yet Another Sokoban” here. Main thing is it can be installed to lots of different platforms.

icon-star Florent Diedler – Sokolution
Simply one of the best Sokoban solvers. Installs with YASC and Sokoban++.

Rosetta Code

Rosetta Code is a programming chrestomathy (You might want to google that word) site. Examples of small solver programs in up to now 17 different languages.

icon-star Sokoban on Wikipedia
The usual Wikipedia stuff with lots of historical facts.

The Internet Archive
If you want to find long gone Sokoban web pages you can always try your luck at The Internet Archive/The Wayback Machine. Eg. you can play Spectrum Holobyte Sokoban online. The first Sokoban player released in western countries online.

Little Sokoban

A new retro style Sokoban player implementation. – Java Sokoban

Develop a 2D Sokoban solver. Full example code.

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