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2016-04-30 rev 2017-09-09

PeacemakerTitle: Peacemaker Plus Rev.
Comment: First published at SokobanOnline.com. Revised for a tougher and better looking puzzle here.
Date: 2015-12-08
Skin: Games4Brains Yellow Animated

Here you will find levels created by me (DrFogh).
I might also publish a level at SokobanOnline, LetsLogic or Sokoban.org once in a while.

The levels here will eventually be free for publishing at other sites but not for now otherwise stated.

2017-06-28: Collections free to publish might once in a while be special collections but mostly the levels published at Sokoban.dk will eventually find their way into 3 kind of collections:

  1. Original.
  2. Sharpen: Levels altered only by adding stuff inside the original layout.
  3. Squares: Variations on diamond- and square- levels. Often big and boring.

The levels will be numbered consecutively for easy reference.

Free to download. Free to publish:

Free to download. NOT to publish

Want a space to publish your puzzles not drowning? Feel free to ask. But some quality in design and play is needed. Need some soul.OwlSolvedJust because it is such a nice skin you get an owl here.

Levels previously published now included in the free collections: