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Vitaly Pinchuk published a brand new skin, Monty, at the Sokoban Discussion Group at And permitted me to publish it here. Thanks.

Monty (Vitaly Pinchuk)

Title: Four
Skin: Gerry Wiseman – Nightshift A
Comment: My internetprovider had some troubles so you get a new level because I could make Sokoban puzzles off line.
Numbers-Four Go to Numbers

Legotrans Why not try some other stuff ?

I made a new puzzle for the collection Numbers. You might be interested in the development.

Why not choose three as the second puzzle in the collection Numbers?
Title: Three
Skin: Gerry Wiseman – Nightshift A
Numbers3 Go to Numbers

Thought you would like a new puzzle
Title: Eight
Skin: Gerry Wiseman – Nightshift A
Comment: Might be the first one in a small collection. 10 puzzles might be a qualified guess 🙂
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Like Boxworld?
YellowEyes Try this.

New is the nicely animated skin Bejeweled. Bejeweled You find it on this page and in the skin section

The page Rocks ‘n’ Diamond has been changed conciderably. You might want to reread it.

And a small locomotive to play with below
Title: The Little Train
Skin: Bejeweled
Comment: A1Master came up with a little challenge at This level will surely not even be a runner up but I like it anyway.

The page Rocks ‘n’ Diamond has been changed conciderably. You might want to reread it.

Right now you might want to look at the skin section. Yesterday I only got a molested version of the skin Japan by Tanaka Nicos cut to the right dimensions for Visual Sokoban. But Paul Voyer send me the original graphics so I could make a working version for YASC and YSokoban. Added some wallwork and a little animation by the way. Hope you enjoy it.Summer1

If you like crosses, I added a small collection with this theme.
Collection/Title: Crosses/Just Pop The Bottle
Comment: A fresh one just made it for this collection.
Pop Here I solved the puzzle for you so you dont have to ask for a solution 🙂
This puzzle is certainly solvable without moving all the blocks. But how many can you avoid moving? Best man or woman will get his/her name here:

You have to mail me the solution of course.

Title: Elegance
Comment: An elegant unexpected solution just popped out.
Date: 2015-09-22
Lines Why not try some Lines ?

New puzzles? Follow the arrow

Now some commercials
Title: McDonalds
Comment: Sorry. Wasn’t patient enough to get this one 100% right so you can solve it without moving a few blocks. But which ones?
Date: 2016-02-21
McDonalds Go to Commercial

Title: Working Out Rev
Author: Chaib + Tyge Fogh
Comment: Original level found at A slight revision is pushing up the difficulty. First at SokobanOnline.
Date: 2015-08-28
Chaib Go to Remodels1

Title: 59 Tough
Author: DrFogh
Comment: Published on You would never guess, but started as a revision of Ecoyorineko Level 2 from Date: 2015-12-28

Many Sokoban authors have done some letters. Some the whole alfabet.
Here is my Q
Title: Q
Comment: Published on
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